Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Triples Tuesday

With less than three weeks to go, here is a list of the games so far booked for the show.  More news as it breaks at the Sheffield Wargames Society website:

Barnsley Assoc of WG - Horus Heresy 30K
Beasts of Bolsover ?
British Legion Charity Game - 20mm 1980s
Chesterfield Open Gaming Society - Flames of war 15mm WW2 tank Battle
Chesterfield Open Gaming Society - Ripper St Tong Menace
Chesterfield Open Gaming Society - Information stand
Sheffield Occasional Wargamers - Stalingrad board game Rattenkrieg
Company of Veterans - East Prussia Napoleonic 15mm
Huntingdon & District - Stalingrad 1/35th
Ilkley Lads - Zorndorf 1758
Lance & Longbow Society - Saturday 28mm Participation Jousting Tournament , Sunday Demo - Battle of Bauge 1421
Leeds Wargames Society - Scorpions sting 28mm WW2
Like A Stone Wall - Alamanza 1707
Mosborough Old Boys - First St Albans
Penarth & District - ?
Sealed Knot, Newcastles Whitecoats - Reenactment Society
Sheffield & Rotherham Wargamers - ?
21eme Regt de Ligne - Reenactment Society
Wargame Developments - Doodlebuggers - 1/72 WW2 Participation game
Wings of Glory Aerodrome - WW2
Wings of Glory Aerodrome - WW1
Wings of Glory Aerodrome - Display  info table
COB Old Boys - 28mm Indian Mutiny
Chris Parr - Shockwave Station, sci fi battle (Sat only)
Sheffield Occasional Gamers -   15mm WW1
Gunsmoke  - Wild west
Ilkley Old School - Longstreet 28mm ACW
Derby Wargames Association - Relief of fort St John  28mm french indian wars
The Glory Boys - Last samurai
ABW Irregulars - German invasion of Ireland 1940
Bruce Weigle - St Quentin 1871 6mm Franco Prussian
KB Club - 1/72nd modern
KB Club - 1/144 Sci fi
Doncaster - 28mm Zombie participation

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