Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Triples Tuesday

There are now less then six weeks away from the Sheffield Triples wargames show.  More details on the show website which will be updated periodically as the 17/18 May draws nearer. I'll be aiming to post a weekly update here.
The main hall during setup last year.
The following traders are confirmed as attending this year:
If any traders websites are missing/incorrect, please let us know and we'll amend this ASAP.
(Updated March 18th 2014)

Model Display Products www.modeldisplayproducts.co.uk
SHQ Miniatures www.shqminiatures.com
Figures in Comfort www.figuresincomfort.co.uk
Dave Thomas  
Black Pyramid Gaming www.blackpyramid.co.uk
Great Escape Games www.greatescapegames.co.uk
Christopher Morris  
Lancer Miniatures http://lancerminiatures.com/
Coritani and Magnetic Displays www.magneticdisplays.co.uk
Magister Militum www.magistermilitum.com
Tumbling Dice/Langton Miniatures www.tumblingdiceuk.com
The Baggage Train www.the-baggagetrain.com
Roger Bigg  
Irregular Miniatures www.irregularminiatures.co.uk
Colonel Bill's www.colonelbills.com
Antenociti's Workshop www.antenocitisworkshope.com
Dark Realm Miniatures www.darkrealmminiatures.com
1st Corps/Curteys Miniatures www.1stcorps.co.uk  www.curteysminiatures.co.uk
Empress Miniatures www.empressminiatures.com
Paul Meekins Books www.paulmeekins.co.uk
Lesleys Bit Box/KR Multicase http://www.lesleysbitsbox.co.uk/
Products for Wargamers http://www.productsforwargamers.com/
Black Scorpion Miniatures www.blackscorpionminiatures.com
Lancashire Games www.lancashiregames.com
Sgts' Mess www.sgts-mess.com
Eagle Figures www.eaglefigures.co.uk
Ground Zero Games www.gzg.com
Glenbrook Games www.glenbrookgames.co.uk
Ainsty Castings www.ainsty-castings.co.uk
AW Miniatures www.awminiatures.co.uk
Cuirassier Books  
The Tree Fellas  
Stafford Games  www.staffordgames.co.uk
The Military Collector  
Wargames Foundry www.wargamesfoundry.com
Crooked Dice Game Design Studio www.crooked-dice.co.uk
PE2 Collectables www.pe2collectables.co.uk
Kuriosity Kingdom  
Hoka Hey Wargaming www.hokaheywargaming.co.uk
The Plastic Soldier Company www.theplasticsoldiercompany.co.uk
Christopher Morris  
Wargames Emporium www.wargamesemporium.co.uk
The Last Valley


Stephen Thomas said...

Blimey !!!
That's come round fast. :-0


Tim Gow said...

Stephen Thomas
You're telling me!

Don M said...

That last year did zip by fast!
Hope you have great time Tim.

Stephen Thomas said...


I think this year I shall suggest to the committee that we hire some of those bikini girls as part of our publicity drive.

Of course I will volunteer to chaperone them and ensure that everything is done in good taste. One has to keep up standards. :-)

Don M said...

Stephen here in the states they're called "Booth Babes" at all the cons,
they have an almost magical power
in separating you from your coin...)

Tim Gow said...

Don M
We can't tempt you to visit?