Friday, 28 March 2014

Russian Brigade HQs

More news from 1914 Russia (or is it Tratvia?) now.  When I got round to building a couple of Brigade HQs my stock of suitable staff officers was - to say the least - rather thin.  Let's start with the easy bit.  The chaps in the middle of each photo are 'real' Russian officers from Armies in Plastic.  A further rummage produced a couple of AIP Napoleonic (French?) officers but full dress in some 1914 Russian Guard regiments actually looked like this!  The pair of beardies are ACW officers by BMC - but I think that bearded and bewildered is a good look for staff officers...


Stephen Thomas said...

Tim, thank you for kindly donating one of your Napoleonic French officers to my Russian force.

With the addition of milliput and a lick of paint he is looking resplendent and is even now brushing up on his Russian language skills.

I'll send a pic.

Thanks again,

Stephen Beat said...

These are looking smashing! I remember when I was a kid I had a book of 'Uniforms of the World' and my favorite was a Russian Dragoon in this green and red uniform.

Arthur said...


The French do get about; but they always look quite smart, as they do.

David Stirling of course considered staff officers to be "fossilized shit".

Not sure how one would paint that, or even display it on the table.


Tim Gow said...

Stephen Thomas
If your chap was a true Russian aristocrat he'd not bother to learn the language!

Tim Gow said...

Stephen Beat
I got the idea from one of the Funcken books - probably of similar vintage to the one you mention.

Tim Gow said...

Fossilised shit eh? Now there's a modelling challenge for someone....