Monday, 14 January 2013

Battered Blenheim - part 2

Work on resurrecting my badly built (not by me!) Airfix Blenheim Mk.IVF is now well under way.
Repair work included 'folding' the main undercart legs - they were already broken so a bit of work with pliers, knife and glue saw them suitably recessed.  The turret guns were a bit precarious and both fell off while I was sorting out other issues.  I replaced the barrels with a piece of bent florist wire.  The transparent parts were in a sorry state - covered in glue and/or badly aligned, so there was no option but to paint over them.  The two surviving prop blades were next to go.  As mentioned previously, the kit had been built as the Mk.IVF version with it's under fuselage pack of four MGs - astonishingly all four barrels have survived!
Being a Mk.IVF rather restricts the marking options - and ruled out the Romanian and Finnish versions which some readers (who clearly know me well...) had predicted.
Fear not - I managed to find a suitably esoteric scheme.  All will be revealed soon.


The Dancing Cake Tin said...

I'm guessing Greece!

Nick Grant said...

Looking good Tim.

Paul said...

I am coming around to the remove all propeller blade faction myself Tim.

The glazing is looking tip top.

I am up for the Hellenic Air Force version as well.

Keep up the good work.

Chris Kemp said...

The Finns would have been my guess, but I couldn't find any references to them ever having the ventral gun pack. Tim probably has a picture buried away from Airfix Magazine 1976 though :O)

Tim Gow said...

Dancing Cake Tin
'Fraid not!

Tim Gow said...

Nick Grant
A damn sight better than it was anyway!

Tim Gow said...

They'd only get broken in time anyway.

Tim Gow said...

Chris Kemp
If it had been in Airfix Mag in 1976 I would have it!

west1871 said...

You done a great job so far, better than some of my better efforts lol.

Tim Gow said...

It's coming along nicely. Hopefully I'll get completed pics up by the weekend.