Saturday, 26 January 2013

Snow place like home

While comments have fairly flooded in over the past couple of days, my relative silence is because I've been in London.  A series of business meetings was lightened by lunch with Trebian and dinner with Bob Cordery and his wife.  Bob and I also managed a quick game of Battle Cry.
As usual I drove to Newark and then got the train to Kings Cross.  On Thursday morning I set off from this:
When I arrived back at Newark at around 1930 last night the 'original' snow on my car was largely gone and a recent fall had left only a thin layer.  This was soon gone as I set off up the A1 and apart from a thin drizzle the roads were without hazard.  When I got out of my car it was completely clear of snow and ice.  Hardly was I in the door when the snow began to fall - the top photo (taken as ever from the games room window) shows the situation at around 2200.  My car is on the right.
The game Bob and I played was First Bull Run.  I was the one in the grey hat, so I am pleased to be able to report a Reb victory!  Above are the final positions, below my battle-winning cavalry.  A Yankee infantry unit they'd been tormenting had run off and built these earthworks.  So we went round the back...


Jim Duncan said...

Great trip Tim.

Business, meeting friends, playing a wargame, what more is there to ask for!

Maybe ditch the business :)


Paul said...

Business and pleasure...Sounds dubious.

I am looking forward to winter myself at the moment, getting sick of the 30+ degree heat...Day after day.

It certainly is not good modelling weather at any rate.

Soldier on el presidenté

Tim Gow said...

Jim Duncan
Gotta pay for it all somehow!

Tim Gow said...

I'll post you some of my spare snow

Paul said...

Just the white stuff mind, not the mellow yellow type.