Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Jap Motorised Infantry

Realising I needed some Japanese motorised infantry for a scenario I'm pondering I dug out these chaps and set about them with a paintbrush.  The figures are the older GHQ 'block' style infantry - cast in section sized lumps which I'm not really a big fan of.  However, as they would be based with their lorries I hit upon the idea of standing them in 'parade order' in front of their transport. I think it works.
The staff car is a Heroics & Ros model - probably from their Polish range.


Paul said...

Nice work Tim, perhaps they are forming up for the highly popular Banzai formation technique of advance.

Archduke Piccolo said...

You know: I was thinking the same thing. But in that scale I believe those blocks give the stands a presence you don't often get (which is why it's not a scale that gets my wargames motor running). Especially WW2.

A bit of colour - the red on white Japanese flag on the bonnets of the trucks - and the crowded infantry blocks look good and stand out from the table. That can only enhance the appeal of a table-top battle.

Tim Gow said...

I wish they wouldn't - all that sword waving plays hell with the trucks' canvas.

Tim Gow said...

Archduke Piccolo
Glad you like 'em - they are a bit different to my usual 6mm stands. I have some more of the blocks (other nationalities) which I'm now a bit more enthused about using!

peter said...

Small but very good painted! Nice infantry!


Tim Gow said...

Thanks - they turned out OK.