Saturday, 4 August 2012

The Palace Guard

One of the interesting (to me at least...) sights in Budapest were the guards outside the Presidential Palace.  These chaps were turned out to a high standard and remained statue-still, despite the occaisional nosey tourist (ahem...) taking an excessively close interest in their uniform and kit.
 The sentry boxes are quite fancy - and fitted with a telephone/intercom system.  The first two photos were taken as we passed on the way to the Military History Museum.  On the way back we chanced to pass as the guard was changing - all done with great goose-stepping ceremony.  Splendid stuff.


Ben B. said...

Very nice pictures and interesting uniforms. It seems that the Hungarian government could not afford to get them new SKSs, theirs look rather beat up!

Tim Gow said...

Ben B
I think they have a rather more distant relationship with their SKS supplier these days....