Friday, 24 August 2012

Frantically fighting the French

Last week's game was organised by Martin and used his 20mm WW1 toys and Peter Pig's Square Bashing rules.  I was typecast as the German commander, with my few troops thinly spread in the face of John and his vast numbers of French.  That's 1918 for you. 
My chaps quake in their trenches as the initial French artillery stonk lands.
The French assault included all sorts of new-fangled infernal machines.
The German first line falls back towards 'Gun Hill.'
Due to their vastly superior numbers, the French were soon through the German front line.
The photo John didn't want me to take! 
Another photo the French tried to suppress.  By now most of the first group of attackers had been driven off.
Gun Hill was by now home to a lot of firepower - but precious little infantry!
The German infantry were ever more hard pressed as numbers dwindled.
The game ended with a few Frenchies still on the German side of the lines.
On adding up the scores, it was concluded that the game was a German tactical victory, as the French advanced would have been untenable.  I have to say that Square Bashing is not one of my favourites (too much factor counting and dice rolling) and so it is much to Martin's credit that he managed to provide John and I with an entertaining evening.

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