Thursday, 9 August 2012

3 DLM - part 2 - support elements

Continuing 3 DLM's photo shoot we begin with the HQ and staff elements above.  These are both Hot Wheels diecast toys.  The rather stylish car is a Cord - indicating perhaps that the CO has a healthy private income.
The logistic train is represented by these modern diecasts which have been lightly modified by the addition of the usual protruding radiators and round headlamps.  Pretty dodgy but mildly convincing in poor light.
The AA companies are fortunate enough to have this Berliet VP-series chassis mounting an AA gun.  This splendid scratchbuild is one of many I acquired from it's creator Ian Lowell some years ago.  More of Ian's excellent work will be featured here soon.
Another view of the Berliet.
This is one of Ian's most striking (and best known) models - the Somua armoured halftrack bridgelayer.  Marvellous!
The artillery regiment is represented by this Hinchliffe 75mm gun, FAA crew and Raventhorpe Somua MCG halftrack.  The Somua is a one-piece resin casting/


Peter Douglas said...


Weird and wonderful toys. I am expecting ZZ Top to climb out of the staff car!.

Do you charcoal burning trucks for Algerian operations?



Tim Gow said...

Peter Douglas
You know what they say: "every girls crazy 'bout a sharp dressed armoured division.". Something like that anyway.

Al said...

That bridge layer is the best, very original

Tim Gow said...

It's quite a piece of work and always gets a lot of attention.

Paul said...

They have a great space age look about them...Not that it benefited them.

Tim Gow said...

1930s Sci-fi? Yes I can see what you mean.