Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Overloon Museum - US

More photos of Overloon exhibits now, all of US kit.  I was very taken with this Jeep-mounted film camera.
International(?) heavy truck
Wrecker truck (centre) with Diamond T to the left
B-25 Mitchell.  There's so much stuff that it was impossible to get a decent shot of this.

Another bit of the B-25
Bulldozer.  The driving position looks rather exposed!
75mm(?) recoilless gun
5-tn truck.  
155mm howitzer

I really should pay more attention to what things are!
I know it's in the US section but this I believe to be a Sextpn
M4 high speed (35mph!) tractor
A rather bigger 'dozer - a Caterpillar D7 I think.
M-6 high speed (21mph...) tractor.  In fairness the 'high speed' bit was compared to horses.
Truck launched bridge
M-32 ARV...
...complete with mortar!

Pontoon wagon - just like the Roco model!
I don't think the garden bench is an original feature
Sherman on a tank transporter
Another pontoon wagon
I think this is a 203mm howitzer
M3 scout car
M-26 'Dragon Wagon' tank transporter tractor
More transport
and more...

Another M-29 Weasel


Nigel Drury said...

This does look well worth getting to see. I think the dozer could be a Allis Chalmers HD-15A.

Pete. said...

Some interesting kit there. Up- gunning an ARV with a mortar is my kind of thinking.



Brian Carrick said...

Must have been quite a stretch to load the mortar on that M32 ARV, I like the way they put toy soldiers in their vehicles, they could almost be 54mm.

Martin Rapier said...

Lovely stuff, it is also interesting to see the various shades of OD, particular the vehicles which have faded to a brownish tint.

Yes, that is a Sexton (you can tell by the muzzle brake). No idea on on the calibre of the RCL though, although it does look more like a 75.

Tim Gow said...

Nigel Drury
An admirable knowledge of military bulldozers sir!

Tim Gow said...

The mortar attachment has a certain style!

Tim Gow said...

Brian Carrick
You’d need some really strong shelves for these toys Brian!

Tim Gow said...

Martin Rapier
It was very noticeable that the ‘same’ colour comes in many different shades.

Nigel Drury said...

According to notes I made a while back, US OD tended to go more ochre over time whereas Russian green got darker.

Recently I've been looking into lend-lease supplies and was surprised at the number of tractors as prime movers sent to Russia, around 7500, including 2500 Allis-Chalmers. Also nearly 500 tank transporters

Wg Cdr Luddite said...

Mr Picky says the bomber isn't a B-25. It's a MITCHELL.

Nigel Drury said...

The recoilless rifle is the M18 57mm rather than the later M20 75mm version which came in very late in WW2. The latter has a more cone shaped rather than cylindrical back end.

Rob Young said...

Agree with Sexton - that's nothing like a 105mm sticking out! - so 25 pounder = Sexton.

Nigel Drury said...

The wrecker with the yellow star is a Ward La France. One of my former neighbours who was in the RE used to drive one of those.

The International? might be an FWD truck.

Tim Gow said...

Wg Cdr Luddite
Can't think what it bothers you so much.....

Tim Gow said...

Rob Young
Like wot I said.

Tim Gow said...

Nigel Drury
Aren't you warm in that anorak?