Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Multi-national Spitfire!

I a previous post I mentioned the Spitfire at the Overloon museum.  My thanks to Steve-the-wargamer for drawing my attention to it's history.

It seems to have had an interesting life - most of it was originally delivered to the Indian Air Force.

More at from which I have borrowed the info below:

Delivered to Indian AF as HS649.
Ormond & Wensley Haydon-Baille, Duxford, UK, 1977.
- Recovered hulk from Kalaikunda AB.
Alan & Keith Wickendon, Hemel Hempstead, 1978-1981.
Spenser Flack, Elstree, 19??.
Guy Black/Aero Vintage Ltd/S.W. Atkins/Wintage Airworks Ltd, St. Leonards, 1985.
- Wings to RM927.
- Fuselage rebuilt as Mk. XIV.
E. Nick Grace & Chris Horsley, Chichester, 1986.
- Composite rebuild.
- Wings from SAAF & USA.
National War & Resistance Museum, Overloon, Netherlands, 1986-2006.
- Displayed as NH649/3W-F.

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