Monday, 11 April 2016

poorly painted pathetic plastic Pattons

These 1/48-ish scale M-48 Pattons come with some 'Plastic Army Men' toy sets.  The most recent ones I bought cost £2.50 for a bag containing 50 dodgy figures and two of the tanks. So assuming all the figures get binned or given away that makes the pathetic Pattons an attractive £1.25 each!  For that price I can forgive them not being the ultimate models.
This trio were undercoated in black then had a heavy drybrush of Olive Drab.
Eagle eyed readers may recall that a similar hull formed the basis of my celebrated M-247 Sgt Yuk bodge.
Rather more surprisingly - and when it comes to downing enemy aircraft - certainly more effectively, another skulks beneath the balsa armour of my ZSU-23/4 Shilka!


tradgardmastare said...

Terrific thrifty tatty tanks Tim!

Pete. said...

Cheap heavy metal Tim- just what I like.



Paul Foster said...

I like! I could see some scope for M60 conversions here.

Tim Gow said...

Thanks Alan - got to keep the defence budget in check!

Tim Gow said...

Thin bendy plastic actually - but I take your point!

Tim Gow said...

Paul Foster
Academy and Tamiya do rather nicer 1/48 M-60s. No really.

Archduke Piccolo said...

I kinda like these Patton tanks, having two (Classed by the Raesharn military as 'Heavy' tanks: heavy gun/heavy armour). It seems a pity to bin the 'dodgy' figures, though I admit there are some pretty horrible 'Army Men' types out there. Had some myself for a while...

I reckon your trio look like dudes who have been around and know what's what, and what's what is we're what and they're not. So there. I'd use 'em as is. But that's me.

My pair is being joined by a majorly refurbished (but still rough as guts) AA tank that I'll have to talk about on my much neglected blog spot. Along with an entirely scratch-made Kiivar 3-piece artillery battery.

Tim Gow said...

Archduke Piccolo
I was able to give away most of the figures - though I have kept quite a few. The tanks come in green or sand colour but they do look very plastic - hence my need to slap on some paint. I like the sound of your 'rough as guts' AA tank - photos are required!