Sunday, 6 September 2015

I tried to hold you back but you were stronger - Waterloo visit 4

Those of us who might be described as the 'Airfix generation' associate Waterloo very closely with the iconic farm buildings of La Haye Sainte.  Though the farm is privately owned and thus not accessible it is quite something to see it still largely unchanged since 1815.  Traffic on the adjacent road has increased in both volume and speed in the subsequent two centuries, however, and this made getting decent photos something of a challenge.

Near LHS is the Gordon Monument, built in 1817 by the family of the late Lt. Col Alexander Gordon.  Gordon was one of Wellington's ADCs and was mortally wounded during the battle, expiring the following day.
Across the road of the Kings German Legion memorial.  This bears the names of those who fell in the battle, with 2md Light Battalion - the defenders of LHS - featuring prominently.  I was intrigued to find among the rather more Teutonic names that of Fanrich (Ensign) Friedrich Robertson.  I'd love to know what his family background was.


Rodger said...

Being from the Airfix generation I do very much appreciate seeing photos of the famous farm. Thanks very much!

Tim Gow said...

Tears were very nearly shed.