Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Waterloo 200 game - part 3

The previous post saw everyone set up and ready to give battle.  Above are Brits (or KGL?) at (I think) Frichermont.  No sign of the French...
...but who's that in the distance?
Everywhere I looked there seemed to be yet more French cavalry
A French column heading up the road to La Haye Sainte.  They even thought to bring ladders...
...and artillery
Hougoumont seemed well defended by Brits and Brunswickers

British  - well, Irish - and KGL cavalry on the Allied right
KGL artillery atop Mont St. Jean ridge
Some top-class wargames pointing determined life or death for some cavalry.
'Cannons' Carrick lays down a withering hail of matchsticks.

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