Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Plancenoit 1815 - part 2

And now....back to Belguim.  Hot on the heels of the appearance of the French Guard, above we see a unit of lancers trotting into action. Just hang on to my watch, will you?
In Plancenoit the blood just keeps on flowing.  The marker indicates that Blucher has invested one of his two 'Iron Will' counters in bolstering the morale of the light infantry.
The Prussian centre surges forward.  Landwehr against Guard.  What could go wrong?
There wasn't much wrong with the Guard's marksmanship - here they have mown down the crew of some Prussian artillery.  Scheisse!
The Guard firmly in control of the villages.
The lancers making life unpleasant for some Prussian infantry.
The French may be in the villages, but there are lots of Prussians advancing on them!
Sadly the lancers knocked off a final Prussian unit clinching a French victory.  Ah well, Waterloo was a rubbish name for a railway station anyway....

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