Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Tratvian Guard Battalion

The latest addition to the army of Tratvia is this Guard Infantry Battalion.  These elite chaps are Charbens plastic figures.  Though clearly intended as Russians - the fur hats have big star moulded on the front - their rifles are a bit of a mystery, looking more like short FN FALs than anything Soviet. 
Conversion work was limited to cutting down all the rifle magazines and carving the rifle from the standard bearer before drilling his hands to accept the florist wire flagpole.
The standard bearer - the flag is printed on an HP CP1515n and held together with PVA.
The Adjutant is a splendid figure - clearly raring to have a go at the enemy.  Or anyone really.
The dashing young aristocrat who leads the battalion has already been awarded a medal!


Ross Mac said...

Ahhh those old Charben's Now there were figures who knew how to dance!.

I can hear the stirring cossack like music in the background.

A splendid guards unit.

Conrad Kinch said...

Forward the GAAA-RRDS!

The Dancing Cake Tin said...

Great work, really toy-soldierly!

Tim Gow said...

Ross Mac
Dancing is surely an essential skill for a guards officer. It's what they do while the ORs are fooling around with trivia like marksmanship and synchronised grenade throwing.

Tim Gow said...

Conrad Kinch
Forward? What, towards the enemy? Oh I don't know about that!

Tim Gow said...

Dancing Cake Tin
Thanks - that's the effect of two coats of floor varnish!

Ben B. said...

Hey Tim, have you ever seen this?

He's got his own rules system for 54mm, seems to be much in the style of FLW. I've played a few times and it can be quite fun which is obviously the focus of the rules.

He aslo owns the best soldier company in the US but thats another story!

Tim Gow said...

Ben B
Thanks for the link! I have seen something about this in one of the toy soldier glossies last year but hadn't seen the blog before. The mixing of various periods of toys will no doubt apall many - but I find it rather appealing!

Phil said...

Looking nice!

Tim Gow said...

Tratvia lives by the motto "if you can't fight well you can at least look smart."