Friday, 14 September 2012

Lone Star State of Mind*

Further to my recent post on a delivery of matchstick firing cannon to the tradesmens' entrance of King Boris's palace, I am pleased to report that Mr Crook has supplied yet more guns!
As well as a pair of healthy Britains 25-pounders, DC sent the rather striking silver field gun seen in the photo being delivered.  This is a Lone Star model - and one which I've not seen before - with a similar firing mechanism to the 25-pdr. 

It is likely that King Boris will send the gun as a present to his chum the Tsar of all the Tratvians.  Once the latter has acquired a name.  And paint.

*I know, but it's a good excuse to hear this again.


Peter Douglas said...

Is this an innovative portee mount?

Tim Gow said...

Peter Douglas
It's only 1913-ish in Forbodia, so no. That sort of thing might catch on in a few years though...
My old Britains 25-pdr spent much of its life wedged aboard a Corgi (1/43-ish) Landrover, so the concept isn't entirely unknown!

Stephen Thomas said...

Dammit man !!! Elephants !!! That's what you need. This new fangled horseless carriage nonsense will never catch on. Harrumph !!!