Friday, 15 June 2012

Krisis at Kharkov - part 4 - Opening moves

As with a real battle, the business of piecing together what went on when and where is far from easy!  I have done my poor best to get the photos in some sort of order, and my thanks again to those who provided them and kindly allowed their use here: Jim Wallman, Tom Mouat, Peter Antill & Phil Steele.
Soviet tank brigades (this one composed of BT-7A) advance in support of 21st Army. Photo by Tom Mouat.

Rifle regiments - with tank support - of 28 Army prepare to advance.  Photo by Jim Wallman.
An overview of 28 Army.  The enemy comprised two Romanian divisions.  Photo by Jim Wallman.
The game director (your humble correspondent - centre) confusing players by explaining things.  Photo by Jim Wallman.
Senior officers of 21st Army - from left Lt. Gen Farrishski, Col Gen Bassetov (the CO), Lt. Gen Mabov.  Photo by Jim Wallman.
The initial Soviet assault caused some consternation among the Axis leadership.  Photo by Jim Wallman.
21st Army leaders gloat after their initial breakthrough.  Photo by Jim Wallman.
One of the surprises on day one was this impressive Romanian air raid.  Photo by Jim Wallman.
Meanwhile Soviet air units took a while to deploy to their forward bases.  Photo by Jim Wallman.

28th Army's assault on the initial Romanian positions grinds slowly forward.  All of the Soviet attacks were shot in by massive artillery support.
The Axis centre was held by Romanian 19ID.  Elements of German 11ID can be seen on the right.  Photo by Peter Antill
 Coming soon - the official report of 6 Armee!


Stephen Beat said...

LOL - this is excellent reading. The detail is brilliant...

(Whispers quietly: 'Победа Будет За Нами!) ;)

Tim Gow said...

Stephen Beat
Будьте осторожны, что вы хотите, товарищ
Glad you're enjoying these posts.

Don M said...

Impressive Romanian air raid there!

La Coloniale said...

That must be the entire Romanian air force! Looks like a great game thus far!

Bill said...

Very impressive! I'm for any occasion that requires the appropriate silly hat!

Tim Gow said...

Don M
The Romanians actually did rather well - and had by far the prettiest toy aeroplanes!

Tim Gow said...

La Coloniale
It was certainly MY entire Romanian air force. So far...

Tim Gow said...

You really can't go wrong with a silly hat.

cem özdoğan said...

Javoil,meine führer!alles Soviet tanken💂💂💂💂💂