Friday, 1 June 2012

Agrigentum - part 2

We rejoin the battle as the Romans launch a cavalry attack on their left. 
The Roman mediums soon saw off their lighter opponents - leaving the Carthaginian skirmishers lookng nervous.

On the right the Roman troopers were on the move too - and about to get stuck into some enemy infantry.  What could go wrong?
OK - plenty could go wrong.  Martin insisted on this photo of John removing the 'dead' cavalry.
Honours were soon even, however, as the Romans on the left saw off their opponents...
...leaving the way clear to flank the Carhaginian infantry.  Now then, what's bigger than a 25mm cavalry horse?
Ah yes - that might work....
...and soon the Romans were put to flight.
By now the Cartho centre was well, not there.
The Carthos soon got stuck in.  Here we see Hanno leading his troops to certain victory.  Probably.

Or perhaps not.  Hanno went down fighting.
Before the Romans got too cocky the other elephant began lumbering forward...
....and plunged straight into the Roman line.
Megellus himself oversaw the Roman defence, and while he had a few worrying moments...
...nellie was soon brought down.  This brought the game to a very conclusive end, with a final score of Rome 7; Carthage 5.
Megellus gallops around gloating.


Counterpane said...

Am I a sad case or is it just a commentary on John's sartorial predictability that I recognised his hand removing casualties even before I read the caption?

Tim Gow said...

Er, both I'm afraid. You are certainly a sad case and JA's outfit is a wee bit predictable!