Sunday, 29 April 2012

Spanish interlude

No - not a holiday, though as I type this with the rain battering the windows it is an appealing thought.  My visit to Northampton last Monday 'happened' to coincide with the local wargames group night.  The game was run by Trebian using his 'Send Not To Know' rules (see his own blog for more on this system) and used 15mm toys and terrain from his collection.  Our host for the evening was Ian R-L who was assisted in the key Republican activities of church-burning and factional in-fighting by Richard L.  The cause of law and order was represented by your humble correspondent - together with Phil S.  Yes this one
Nationalist troops defending a church from leftist hooligans.

The game gets under way - Phil, Trebian and Richard pay it some attention while I take photos and Ian makes more tea.

A recent addition to Trebian's fleet - a T-26 complete with 'clothes-line' antenna.

The Nationalist armoured fist...
...which sadly turned out to be more of a limp wrist!  These tanks will never catch on.
The Nationalist attack in the centre gets as far as it is going.
Sadly the Republican rabble skulking behind this wall saw off my attack on the right.
Having been repulsed once we soon went back for another (equally unsuccessful) go.
Too late did the Republicans realise that my attacks on the right were just a diversion (at least that's my story...).  Phil's Moroccans eventually achieved a breakthrough on the left. 
My pre-game gift to Trebian put in an appearance but sadly failed to achieve much.  Back to bombing Guernica then...  1/144 scale Bf-109E by F-Toys
The second sortie set some Republican knees knocking - but not for long.


Don M said...

another nice looking game, always wanted to try SCW...)

Tim Gow said...

Don M
It's a conflict I have tinkered with on and off for the last 25 years. Except for a 20mm project in the early '90s (now mostly recycled for WW2) I've never really put any real effort into it.

SoA Shows North said...

Tim, your dice were dreadful.

You didn't seem at all surprised by that ...

Tim Gow said...

SoA shows north
What can I say? One gets used to it!

Conrad Kinch said...

On the subject of the Spanish Civil War, my father once said that you could always tell when a Communist revolution had succeeded when they had decided it was now safe to shoot the Anarchists.

Tim Gow said...

Conrad Kinch
So historically the Spanish Commies rather mistimed things then?

Stephen Beat said...

That looks wonderful - I've just started looking into the gaming side of things and this is just the sort of scenario that would get me to actually roll some dice! :)

Tim Gow said...

Stephen Beat
The SCW certainly creates some interesting game design issues. And plenty of scope for propagandist posturing!