Monday, 23 May 2011

Triples 2011 - part 1

Back to work today after a busy weekend which included both days of Triples.  Having looked in on Friday afternoon for a couple of hours, I was back there at 0700 on Saturday  - being involved in resolving a couple of minor issues to do with traders before John and I set up our Better Red Than Dead game.  This was well received by the show-going public - but more of this in a further post.

Being at the venue nice and early allows time to chat to other exhibitors and do some early shopping.  Among the other games which caught my eye was this rather splendid Marlburian extravaganza - a table about 20 feet long groaning under the weight of rather a lot of 28mm toys.  OK, not my usual thing, and there are many such games at shows, but what set this one apart was the players' willingness to engage bystanders in discussion - surprisingly rare with demonstration games.  Sadly I have no idea who was running this game so I am unable to credit them by name.
Shedloads of 28mm toys lined up and ready to do battle.
Yet more toys...
A corner of the table featured a Vauban-style fortification the defence of which seemed to be giving employment to many gunners...
...but some other chaps seemed keen on getting in...
...even to the point of digging trenches.  Most ungentlemanly I'm sure!
A view of part of the main hall.
This game attracted a large crowd:

It featured some suitably ludicrous models and was run continuously throughout the two days.
Near our table was a very nice 6mm ACW game:
Never heard of this club before, but they put on a nice game.
The town of Gettysburg seemed to be quite busy.
Far too many Yankee troopers fo my taste!
An overview of the Gettysburg game.
Richard Holden was present with a Ambush Alley game - again raising funds for The British Legion.  Appropriately enough, the game featured some of the doings of British troops in Afghanistan.
Some of the 20mm toys used in the Ambush Alley game.
Further posts will deal with Wargame Developments' role in proceedings and of course my shopping - which included representatives from three scales and four wars.  Stay tuned!


Paul´s Bods said...

Thanks for that...the catch the pigeon game made me laugh :-D

Al said...

What a show, great post Tim

Grimsby Mariner said...

Thanks for the kind words. It was us - the Grimsby Wargames Society - hosting the Malburian game. We remembered all the terrain, all the figures and rules but forgot to bring the banner. Doh! We had an excellent weekend and I particulalry enjoyed talking to anyone who would listen.

Tim Gow said...

Paul's Bods
Thanks - I didn't watch for long enough to see the pigeon getting caught!

Tim Gow said...

Not a bad way to spend most of a weekend!

Tim Gow said...

Grimsby Mariner
Any praise was well deserved! Given the available options the banner was the correct thing to forget!

west1871 said...

Like siad the catch the pigeon game looked a great laugh.A good show all round by the looks of it.

Cheers Rich.

Tim Gow said...

Yes - a good show - marred only (from an organiser's point of view) by some issues to do with the 'management' of the venue.