Friday, 20 May 2011

Normal service....

...will be resumed shortly.  Such as it is. 

Astute observers will have noticed a sharp decline in my posting frequency recently.  A number of causes have contributed to this lamentable state of affairs, including work (good), more professional exams (tedious but necessary), and poorly oldies (less good).

On top of all this, the coming weekend sees not only Triples - a very significant wargames show in Sheffield, but also my wife's birthday!

Anyway, enough of my troubles.  Forthcoming blog 'attractions' will include:
1. A report of Triples - and in particular our Better Red than Dead game.
2. Game report of the Battle of Blenheim, played recently with Martin's 2mm toys (photo below)
3. A report of another visit to the Military College at Shrivenham.
4. More Funny Little Wars toys.
5. various other game reports
6. probably some other stuff


Paul´s Bods said...

I was beggining to wonder what had happened. Glad to see you are still alive and kicking :-D

Tim Gow said...

Paul's Bods
Good of you to notice!

Sun of York said...

I enjoy your blog, but know the problem. Work for me has been busy, but mostly good. Also my mum has not been in the best of health and our kitchen is about to be renovated. I hope that means I will be able to take refuge in my studio, but I fear it will be used as a dumping ground.

Tim Gow said...

Sun of York
And that's another thing - we're having a new kitchen fitted next month. It never ends!