Friday, 13 May 2011

Northern Greece, 1989 - preview

This is a NATO Brigade Commander game I recently set up and played on my games table at home.  A report of the playtest and a subsequent playing of the game will follow once I have had the opportunity to inflict it on some real players!
This is part of my series of linked (albeit tenuously) scenarios based around a shooting war in the late 1980s.   This game sees the Greek border being assaulted by....well that would be telling, wouldn't it?
The terrain set up on my table.  It features many hills and provides the first outing for some (impassable) mountains.
A village on the Greek side of the border.  The local garrison consists of an infantry battalion, one company of which is always covering the border minefields.
Who knows what is happening north of the border?  Rumour has it that lots of heavily armed chaps are clambering aboard their BTRs...


Greek_Geek said...

Bulgarians or Jugs? We lived through the 80s with the fear (and possibility) of a shooting war with Turkey. Came close to it in fact a couple of time. I look forward to reading this.


nitram said...

Hi Tim. The game looks interesting. I recently downloaded your NATO Brigade Commander rules which look like fun. However, you mention that there are data files? Can you direct me to them? I couldn't find any searching your posts. Cheers

Tim Gow said...

Ah - well reminded. I will post some hardware tables when time allows - hopefully later this month.

Tim Gow said...

Greek Geek
Hi Dimitri - for some reason your comment has only appeared today - despite being dated 9 days ago! The baddies are in fact Sovs - but I expect that the Bulgarians will be along soon.