Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Great War Russians finally painted!

Yes it's true - my Irregular 6mm Russian infantry have finally (after only 20 years) seen the dangerous end of a paintbrush.  Inspired by the successful test of Richard Brook's OP14 rules (see previous post) I painted 2 Corps-worth of infantry (sounds good when put that way!) over the Easter weekend.  I had primed the figures with matt black spray paint a few years ago so the process which actually only took about 4 hours of painting time consisted of:
1. dry-brush on the green uniform colour
2. pick out rifles in brown, swords in silver etc
3. dots of flesh colour for faces and hands
4. oil wash
5. glue onto card bases
6. light drybrush in pale sand
7. flock bases
8. paint edges of bases
9. spray matt varnish
10. apply magnetic square (vistually all my toys get this treatment)

Below is a Russian infantry brigade.  The bases are my standard (for leg infantry) 3x3cm.

Next up is the Corps commander with a rather flashy motor car.  Watch out come the Revolution!

No Russian army is complete without cavalry...

Finally the Corps artillery with a stand of field guns (left) and howitzers.  I have ordered more Russians, together with Austrians  and some other bits and pieces which I'll collect from the Irregular chaps at Triples.  Let's hope it won't take another 20 years for this lot.

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