Friday, 2 April 2010

The End...

...don't worry - I'm still here.  'The End' is the name of this years Wargame Developments (North) participation game.  This will have it's public debut at Triples in Sheffield on 17 and 18 April and will also appear at Partizan, Partizan II and CoW.  It is also possible that we may attand one or two additional shows.  A fuller report on the game will follow later in the year.

The End deals with the final year of WW2 from the German point of view.  It lasts 15 minutes.  The single player must do his best to deal with Allied advances.  To simplify things the forces involves have been abstracted into 6 'fronts'.  Three of these are in the east, 1 in Italy/the Med and 1 in NW Europe.  The final 'front' represents the US and British bombing offensive.

As usual this is a co-operative effort.  Jerry Elsmore is producing the map (after an original by Jim Wallman) and rules; Martin Rapier has provided some historical research and John Armatys has drafted some posters and badges.  My responsibility has been to produce the toys which I am happy to report are now complete!

Below is one of the eastern 'fronts'.  The toys are sealed in clear plastic cases partly for safety and ease of handling and partly to reinforce the fact that they are simply playing pieces. All the toys in this photo are by GHQ.

As well as the 'fronts' listed above, the game also offers players the chance to deploy 'Vonder Waffen' which will alter tthe course of the war.  Maybe.  Here we have 'New Anti-Tank Weapons' in the shape of a pair of Waffenträger I / Pak 43, also by GHQ.

The other Vonder Waffen include Super Heavy Panzers, Jet Bombers and as below, Flying Bombs.  V-1 by Raiden Miniatures, Opel bowser by C in C.  Launch ramp from scrap balsa.  Many of the toys used have been provided by Wargames Emporium in Sheffield ( ) who after much nagging by me now carry the complete GHQ and C in C ranges.


Conrad Kinch said...

Looks good. Is it a one player against the game sort of game or is in a multiplayer game?

Tim Gow said...

It's a single player umpire moderated game lasting about 15 minutes. Many of the games we've run at shows (a different game each year since 1992...) have followed this format. Do come and see us if you're at one of the shows we attend.