Saturday, 15 February 2020

Diekirch military museum

I forgot to post these photos from last September. Diekirch in Luxembourg is home to - among other things - the national military museum. It’s a cracking little museum with lots of exhibits, mostly from the 1944/45 campaign. The photos are in no particular order but we start with the most important - the field bakery!
Jeep with chilly looking crew
Kubel - I particularly like the copy of ‘Signal’ in the door pocket. 
River crossing vignette 
M-24 Chaffee. To my eyes one of the most cohesive looking tank designs of WW2.
Freezing mortar crew
PAK-40 and crew
15cm infantry gun
Looking at this weekend’s weather forecast I can’t help but think one of these would be useful!
37mm Door Knocker with obligatory Stielgranate
Nice to see the Schwimmwagen crew have a Plan B in case the engine fails....
Muddy Ketterkrad
Ex Belgian Army M-47
57mm M-1 AT gun. What us Brits call a 6 pounder. 
Still worried about the Luftwaffe!
M-4A3E8 stuck at the Westwall
1940 Luxembourg Army uniform 
The Sherman again 
155mm gun and ammunition 


Paul´s Bods said...

Looks jammed packed. The passenger in the schwimmwagen, he Looks a bit like Stan Laurel :-)

Tim Gow said...

Paul’s Bods
Well he’s certainly in another fine mess....

James Fisher said...

Some real gems here. Looks like they fit a lot into a small area. Excellent photos Tim, thanks for bringing it to us.

Martin Rapier said...

I like the way the OD on the Chaffee has faded to brown, that was quite common on B17s. I think it depended on the exact composition of the original mix of black and ochre pigments.

Chris Kemp said...

Plan B. It would have been a pig to paddle if the engine packed in. That looks like a proper museum with lot of "stuff". Was there a dressing-up box :-) ?

Regards, Chris.