Saturday, 21 December 2019

Staying solemn at Sollum

I ran this skirmish game a couple of weeks ago using A Fistful of Lead rules and a scenario from a Skirmish Campaigns book. Jerry, Martin and Gary were the Italians while John represented the Coldstream Guards.
The Brits had but a single rifle section with part of a platoon HQ.  If front of the dug in infantry they also deployed some wire and a minefield. The white building is one of a batch I bought last year while the others are my recently made high-quality Libyan mud huts.
 Though the Italians looked to have a tough job ahead, things quickly went wrong for the Brits. Their Bren team was killed early on.  Here, the veteran Sgt. Bass takes to the rooftop to hose down the enemy with his Thompson SMG. The Brits were a mix of Airfix, Matchbox and Timpo.
 The photos are rather out of sequence - this one is from late on when the Brits are on the run and the southernmost Italian section is advancing.
 The Italian figures were a mix of CTS and Waterloo 1815 (HAT). Jerry seemed to strongly identify with the bare-chested machine gunner. Worrying.
 Earlier in the game. The northern Italian section (Gary) has neutralised the Bren team while the middle (Martin) lays down a hail of fire.
 Jerry’s chaps rush forward. Eventually...
 Empty positions are occupied.

 The British officer having being wounded, Sgt Bass MM was the last man standing...
 ...but it couldn’t last. Eventually he too expired in a hail of fire. A sad end and an unexpectedly glorious victory for Il Duce’s forces. On to Egypt then.....


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Love the classic Airfix figures
I know I have a few of those 8th Army chaps somewhere!

Reese Crawford said...

Looks like fun!
We must all be on the wavelength! I have recently been exploring the idea of Fistful of Lead for Mediterranean WW2, but on the Italian mainland.