Friday, 5 February 2016

Megiddo 1457BC

Having spent a bit of time re-boxing my 25mm pointy-stick era figures to make finding the required toys for a game a bit easier, I celebrated by setting up and playing through a solo Command & Colours game.
The historical battle saw Thutmose III (later - much later - know as the Napoleon of Egypt) duffing up the Canaanites outside the city of Megiddo.
 For the Egyptian army I used my actual Egyptians, while the Canaanites were assembled from my Assyrians and the 'Random Biblicals' box.
Some of the figures were doing some splendid silly hat wearing.

Thutmose opened by moving forward his left wing
The Canaanites responded on the same wing
Thutmose then played his 'killer card'.
His chariots (bottom of the frame) dashed forward and arrows were twanged at the enemy.  The dice reveal that one Canaanite chariot was eliminated!
The Egyptians then trundled off again.  Cheeky!

The Canaanite right was sent against the foe...
...and soon honours were even.
The Egyptian right engaged in some skirmishing to annoy the enemy...
...prompting a 'sh*t or bust' charge by the Canaanite chariots and cavalry!
The ensuing bloodbath saw off an Egyptian chariot...
...making the 'score' 2:1.
A whirling melee developed in the centre
Beset by enemies on all sides, the last Canaanite chariot - and it's accompanying general - died horribly.
A load of Egyptians milling around.
By now the Egyptians were well in the lead....
...and their left surged forward.
The Canaanites replied in kind.

This evened things up a bit
But the Egyptians - led in person By Thutmose got stuck in again...
...and killed a further enemy unit, clinching a victory for the Pharaoh.
Last Wednesday I tried the same game but with real players.  Report coming soon...


Stephen Briddon said...

Not enough fresh fruit being used.

tradgardmastare said...

Splendid looking chaps with pointy sticks etc!

Kaptain Kobold said...

How did you organise the card-play in a solo game? Did you just play it normally and 'forget' what cards the other side had, or is there a cunning solo method? Or have I misread your blog and missed the fact that there was a human opponent?

Tim Gow said...

Stephen Briddon
Oh I don't know - some of the silly hats looked as if they had a high fruit content.

Tim Gow said...

An eclectic mix of toys, for sure.

Tim Gow said...

Kaptain Kobold
It was indeed a solo game. My approach is to physically walk round the table and sit in the appropriate player's seat when making decisions. 'Forgetting' the other cards comes quite easily to me!

Peter Douglas said...

Great stuff Tim! I do like men with pointed sticks.