Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Megiddo 1457BC again

Having tried out this scenario as a solo game, last week I unleashed it on real players!  Tim C and Martin led the Canaanites while John was Thutmose III of Egypt.  This game also saw the debut outing of my 15mm Hittite City Walls - bought at COW last July and painted a few days before the game.  Here are the Canaanite chariots drawn up before the gates of Megiddo.
 The armies arrayed for battle.
 Thutmose (later know as 'The Napoleon of Egypt') led the army personally.
 The Egyptian left led the hostilities with some skirmishing cavalry.
 Soon Thutmose dashed forward and unleashed a hail of arrows.
 The Canaanites soon got their right flank nicely lined up
 The Egyptians get stuck in again.
 The Pharaoh's lads had the numbers...
 ...but it didn't go to plan - even a general perished!
 Next the Canaanite chariots rumbled forth...
 ...bitter fighting ensued...

 ...and verily they smote the enemy.  By now the Egyptians were really struggling
but soon it was allover as the Canaanites emerged victorious.

An what of Thutmose?  Well he survived the battle but is now know to history as the 
'Napoleon III of Egypt'....


Conrad Kinch said...

I think it's a bit unfair to tar him with the brush of either Bonaparte frankly. He could be a very decent fellow.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

You gotta like, ancient, I mean really ancient, "Ancients"
SOA stuff

You don't need hundreds of tanks to create an interesting game?
Use chariots instead ;)