Friday, 14 November 2014

Sambre 57BC - part 2

We return  (after quite a break!) to the doings of a certain Mr J Ceasar.  By now the Romams had revoverd from their initial shock and formed a proper line.  Nice isn't it?
The Belgic types continued to hurl themselves at the invaders.
This caused a few worrying moments... problems for the Romans here, right?
On the other hand..  Those Belgic cavalry are tougher than they look.
This is getting very messy.
Roman reserve cavalry wondering if they're not altogether better off staying where they are.
Soon the Romans deployed to deal with the breakthrough...
...and order was restored.  These Romans do love a straight line, don't they?
The end came when Ceasar (for it was he) led X Legion in person and saw off another attack.  The dice reveal 5 hits on an enemy unit (which could only take 4 hits...)

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