Monday, 3 November 2014

Sambre 57BC - part 1

This was another game played on Hexon terrain tiles with 25mm toys from my collection.  The original scenario notes can be found here.
Here are some of the Romans (X Legion and chums) with their part-built camp.
Many of the Romans came from a recent purchase.  I did my usual repair work and rebasing before applying a coat of Ronseal.
They don't look bad.

The chaps waggling their pila (or pilums?) are old Garrison figures I've had for some time.. I used them to represent the veteran legions.
And here come the hairy types!

The first lot of Belgians crosses the river and beats up some Roman light troops
Others followed and soon the Roman left was very messy...
...but X Legion saw off all who tried.
The Romans strengthen the line during a brief lull in the proceedings.

More on this soon.

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