Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Drive on Scheissenburg - part 3

Back in Scheissenburg things are hotting up.  Following their hilariously inaccurate salvo rocket stonk, the Forbodians launch a huge air strike.  Well a flight of MiG-17. Due to a trick of the light the markings appear to be East German...
Some readers my by now suspect that in this period 'Forbodian' is simply my brand name for anything vaguely resembling Warsaw Pact kit.  But you're not that cynical - are you?
The Commies ave also rolled their Sagger-toting BRDM into a firing position.
The air strike lands really quite near it's target and upsets some AMX-13 crews.  It doesn't kill 'em though.
The mighty PT-76 company clanks ever onwards...
...but gets a bit close the the AMX-13 infested wood.
This is what gloating French tanks look like.
At this point, the Forbodian CO passed me a message saying that due to the armour losses he would not be pressing his attack further that day.
But just as the French are celebrating their VAB gets a bit HOTter than planned.  Sorry - I couldn't resist.

At this point and in ignorance of the Forbodian note the French CO announced he was pulling back to Scheissenburg and digging in.

We halted the game there and adjourned to have a chat about some aspects of the rules.  As a result, 2 July will see the Motor Rifle assault on Scheissenburg itself.


Archduke Piccolo said...

Both sides pulling back, eh? I reckon that sort of thing happens more often in 'real life' than we care to admit.

Tim Gow said...

Archduke Piccolo
Quite so. In this case I think both sides made sound decisions - and all the better for being arrived at independently!