Thursday, 31 July 2014

Cast off your shackles. And other garments. Revolting Britons part 1

The pointy stick-era figures hadn't been out for a while so last Wednesday we played through the C&C 'Boudica's Revolt' scenario using my 25mm toys and Hexon terrain.
Historically the leaders were: in the blue corner - Boudica; and in the red cloak - Gaius Suetonius Paulinus.
In our version John tried to bring the benefits of Rome to the fringes of the world while Tim C was determined to resist any such civilizing influences.  Well, he does live in Chesterfield.
 The field of battle.  A typical Roman deployment as against a load of hairy types.
 Some of the hairy Brits.
 The impressive Roman battle line.  Legionnaries, cavalry, Auxilia, er More Legionarries...
 The Brits had a load of chariots, nasty warriors and some lighter troops.
 Battle is joined - the Romans opened the batting with a cheeky thrust on the left.  I did remind John what usually happens to Romans in forests....
 The chariot drivers had clearly responded to the hot spell we're having....
 The Roman cavalry take on Boudica herself...
...but are soon repulsed!

More of this nonsense soon.


Peter Douglas said...


And you complained when I included a picture of me in a kilt. Please keep your hairy b(r)its under wraps.
Are those vintage Minifigs I see on table?
I am also reminded of my favourite title for a S&T game "Hell Hath No Fury" for a game covering Boudiccea's revolt.


Tim Gow said...

Peter Douglas
Rest assured that the camera always points away from my hairy bits! The game featured Minifigs, Garrison and probably several other manufacturers' toys many of them 'ancient' in every sense of the word!

Al said...

Nice Tim, something different