Monday, 10 February 2014

Into the Void - WW3 again!

This was another of a series of games run by Martin using his 2mm toys and my NATO Brigade Commander rules.  He has already posted the briefing and game report on his blog, but his report may be tainted with western bias and accuracy.  So what follows is the view from the HQ of the Soviet 34th Air Assault Brigade.
With a team of comrades such as this how could we fail?  Kayte, Mark, John, Connor and Pete anxiously await their orders.  They were right to be anxious because I was issuing those orders....
The initial drops went quite well, though Mark (east on Hamelin) ran into some local police units.  Kayte's battalion (nearest the camera) was clearing the road of obstacles - we shall soon see why....
Airstrilkes had been ordered on previously identified military installations.
Pete's battalion in control of both ends of the main road bridge.  The poor sods in the middle of Hamelin are the local Heimatskommando battalion who soon fell prey to some excellent marksmanship from the paras.
The other military installation we bombed turned out to be a fuel dump.  It went up with quite a bang!
Having consolidated our position in Hamelin it was time to...... in the heavy kit.  A flock of Antonovs soon disgorged a battlion of BMD-mounted paras, along with companies of AT, AA, engineers, recce and of course the Brigade commander's personal supply of vodka.
The mech battalion dashes off to take up position.

Having more toys on the ground certainly made us feel better.
From left - Recce, AT, Bde HQ and engineer companies head Hamelin-wards.
Soon the Bde was deployed with the paras dug in around Hamelin and the heavy stuff facing west in preparation for an attack by the Capitalist Reactionaries.  So far we're still waiting....
The recce co. was sent off to link up with the Spesnatz detachment which had been inserted the previous day.  Dressed as West German police they had taken control of this bridge as an alternate crossing site.


Pete. said...

Cold war scenarios, silly hats, fantastic.



Tim Gow said...

Well said comrade!

Michael Peterson said...

Indeed. Silly hats are crucial. I love the game board, very simple. I remember tedious days of TEWTs using kit that wasn't half as nice.

Martin Rapier said...

The Hexon terrain boards are one of the single most useful bits of wargaming stuff I've ever bought.

They look great and work really well yet are so much easier to set up than a conventional cloth+bits of terrain table.

Tim Gow said...

Michael Peterson
Glad you like the hats. We much prefer out Tactical Exercises With Toys!

Tim Gow said...

Martin Rapier
I think our Hexon collection has been a sound investment - and is showing no signs of wear.