Friday, 21 February 2014

A tree-mendous discovery

Following the success of my recent lumberjacking project I have found another (rather bigger) artificial Christmas tree to tear apart!  While clearing out the cellar of a house my wife owns and is selling, I discovered untold treasures.  Well, to be honest I discovered a modest amount of rubbish in amongst which was this splendid item.  For the moment it has taken up residence in my garage but I hope to embark on the task of chopping it up over the next few weeks.


Arthur said...


Your commitment to environmental conservation is exemplary.

I am sure greenpieces or something would salute you from their ship, while it slowly sinks, or from their dungeon, while they slowly rot.

You are an inspiration to all us youngsters everywhere.

Dog thanks you too for preserving his right to pee on real trees, or anythings that stands still long enough..

I once found a dead good funeral wreath which gained a new lease of life on the table when dismemebered. You may take to prowling graveyards, too..


Al said...

lol Arthur, not sure that was his motivation :):)Stay out out of graveyards you two!

Paul Foster said...

Good to see you branching out old chum.

Tim Gow said...

A wreath? Is that why all your woods are circular?

Tim Gow said...

I think the 6-ft tree will keep me going for a while!

Tim Gow said...

Oh dear. Leaf me alone...