Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Megablitz Archive - A Bridge Too Small - part 4

Truckloads of angry Germans trying to repossess Grave Bridge.
Elements of 82 Abn in apparently secure possession of Nijmegen.
The 82's Div HQ, complete with field kitchen!
The blood was still flowing freely at Deelen.
Model, now accompanied by elements of II SS PzK was still unflustered.
Things were not going well for the Germans at Deelen...
...and the Brits were secure in Arnhem.
XXX Corps on the move again.
German reinforcements heading for Nijmegen.


JLee118 said...

What was the purpose of the markers with the unit names on them? Just asking.

Tim Gow said...

Good question! It was a rather sprawling game which included on the German side a very odd mix of units and on the allied side some very inaccurate airdrops, so the markers were useful in keeping track of who was who.

Don M said...

Good idea with the markers,good way to track everything with that much on the field, going to have to borrow that idea.

Bill said...

Really enjoyed this one, nice work Tim

Tim Gow said...

Don M
It also makes life easier when you're captioning photos many years later.....

Tim Gow said...

Glad to hear it. More still to come,