Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Megablitz Archive - A Bridge Too Small - part 3

As we return to Holland, XXX Corps is still struggling with the German front line.  Above can be seen elements of the Guards Armoured traffic jam while Kampfgruppe Walter sneaks up on the flank.  The rotters!
US 101Abn Div piling out of their gliders near St. Oedenrode...
...sadly troops from the German 361 ID were there to lay on a welcome!
Back at Valkesnwaard, LXXXVI Korps was still trying to form a defence line.
More troops from 82 Abn Div arriving near Nijmegen.
At the far end of the tables, the Brits having landed a brigade at Deelen Aerodrome 
hadn't gone unnoticed by the beastly Boche!
KG Frundsberg fight for the airfield.  Bittrich watches from his car in the woods.
A load of random Germans on the march.  I can identify elements from at least three divisions in this photo!
Guards infantry dismounts to see off the Jerries.  Place your bets now...
Troops from 82 Abn Div prepare to defend 'Gravy' Bridge against a German attack.
The fighting at Deelen got very unpleasant.  
And the gun barrel of Frundsberg's Panzer IVH got broken!
Guards Armoured even called in the RAF.

This shows how short a distance XXX Corps had so far managed.  The river on the left was their start line!  The big arrows represent the neighbouring British corps.
At least the Guards infantry had saved the bridging column from the Germans!

Plenty of photos still to come.  Who will triumph at Deelen?  Will the Brits hold Arnhem?  Who will be first to sell the film rights?


The Dancing Cake Tin said...

I'd like to think of this as one of those American western films. The paratroops, lacking substantial equipment, always short of food - these are the besieged homesteaders, the Germans, well naturally, they're the bad guys, and XXX Corps, we my friends, are the cavalry, on the way to the rescue.


Christ! Not us again!

Tim Gow said...

Dancing Cake Tin
Interestingly in the game I think the Germans felt a bit like that. Crap kit and wagons!