Monday, 26 November 2012

Sheffield Wargames Society AGM

The annual general meeting of Sheffield Wargames Society was held on Wednesday 21st November 2012.  At this meeting there were significant changes to the committee, prompted by the (expected) resignation of both the Chairman and Secretary.
NOT the AGM in session.
Steve Roberts has been the driving force behind the committee for over 3 decades and during that time has chaired a committee which has taken SWS from strength to strength.  It was agreed that Steve would be sorely missed and after a vote of thanks it was unanimously agreed by those present that he should be made a life member of the society.  Steve was thanked by the membership for all his hard work. I am sure that Steve will continue to show the same support for his club and hobby that he has for so many years.

Tony Lineker resigned as secretary after more than a decade in the post.  Again, Tony has been an intrinsic part of arguably the most effective committee that SWS has had to the present time.  Once again a unanimous vote of thanks was given to Tony for his sterling efforts, and I reiterate those sentiments here. 

And so in way a golden age ended, although both Steve and Tony have kindly offered to assist in whatever way they can in the future.  However, SWS now has a new committee, comprising veteran members and gamers who will it is hoped not only continue to steer the society with the same dedication but also build on the successes of the previous 4 decades and carry it well into the 21st century.

Tim Gow has accepted the position of Chairman. In accepting the role the new Chairman thanked Steve for his efforts and pointed out that he would have served less time for murder!

Paul Bishop was elected to the post of Secretary. Another long-time member and arguably one of the 'faces' of SWS over the years, representing the club in competitions throughout the U.K.

Dave Ranson was re-elected unopposed to the position of Treasurer, and it is certain that Dave will continue with the sterling work he has done for so many years on behalf of the club.

Lloyd Powell was re-elected to the post of Show Secretary once again. This year Lloyd has re-negotiated with the venue management for the Triples at some length and has secured the best possible terms on behalf of the club.  Lloyd had intended to step down from this role but agreed after much brow beating to stand for re-election.

Mark Hides, another veteran of the club and the brains behind the SWS website was elected to the position of Fifth Committee Member.

I would like to close, by thanking those members who were in attendance for their input and support of the society.
NOT the club Chairman addressing the AGM
More SWS news as it breaks - both here and on the SWS website.
My thanks to Mark Hides for allowing me to lift the basic wording of this report from the SWS Website.


Robert (Bob) Cordery said...

Long live Chairman Gow!

When will we see the publication of the 'Thoughts of Chairman Gow'? Will it have a nice pink cover?

All the best,

Bob Castro

Peter Douglas said...

Comrade Chairman for Life

Congrats of your appointment!


Erhntly said...

Hi, You got a Liebster award. Check out the details at

Fire at Will said...


Wishing you every success in your new role

Wg Cdr Luddite said...

Long live Chairman Tim!

I just hope he remembers who remained faithful during the Long March.

Tim Gow said...

Bob Cordery
If ever I get round to writing a little red book I'm sure it will be an instant best seller!

Tim Gow said...

Peter Douglas
Thanks. But I've made it clear that I'll not be in post for 3 decades!

Tim Gow said...

Fire at Will
After being a member of the club for 20 years there was no escape!

Tim Gow said...

Wg Cdr Luddite
That reminds me - we can probably move the tanks off the lawn now....

Paul said...

Viva El Presidente !!!!

Congrats on the coup Corporal...Um Field Marshal!