Sunday 25 November 2012

Liebster Blog Award

Another blog award is doing the rounds and I have received two nominations!  From Ben's Soldiers and Friendly Fire .  The 'rules' of this award (which, for the benefit of non-German readers among us, translates as 'Favourite Blog') are to post the above picture and nominate five favourite blogs.

It seems to make sense to avoid nominating those who I know have already received this award, including both of the above, Plastic Warriors, Geordies Big Battles and miniafv.  Narrowing the list down to five was something of a challenge (dice were involved).  For a fuller list of good blogs have a look at 'My Blog List'.  Anyway, I'd best get on with it.

In no particular order:
Joy and Forgetfulness - Conrad Kinch's excellent blog provides a safe haven from reality.  Game reports and figure painting posts are interspersed with travelogue and silliness.
The Dancing Cake Tin - A relatively new blog whose author approaches wargaming with the same degree of seriousness as I try to.  Cakes also feature prominently - which is no bad thing.
The Single Handed Admiral - Peter Douglas manages to mix wargaming with other nonsense and even an occasional glimpse of real life.  He seems a good chap.  For an actuary.
Battle Game of the Month - Actually it feels more like battle game of the day, such is Ross's productivity.  I struggle to read all of his posts such is their number!
Not Quite Mechanised - Despite the fact that Chris's toys are in the wrong scale (15mm - it'll never catch on) I greatly respect his complete shamelessness when it comes to fielding dodgy conversions and substitute models.  Actually I have most of his old 20mm toys so I suppose I can forgive the 15mm heresy.


Peter Douglas said...

Cheers Tim

Thanks for the plug and the (backhanded) complement. I'll respond once I figure out the equivalent Forbodian equivalent - although I am fairly sure that in some countries calling someone a Forbodian is as low as it gets.

Thanks for the links on the Dancing Cake Tin and NQM blogs.


peter said...

Congrats with the nomination Tim!


The Dancing Cake Tin said...

Thank you very much for your kind words and the nomination. I've only been blogging five minutes so it was a lovely surprise!

All the best

Chris Kemp said...

You are a scamp Tim!

When I first started 20mm/ 1:76 they were not the chubby little chaps that they are today, short 25mm figures. But as 15mm under the influence of FoW and others is puffing itself up to be the new 20mm, I may have just reconfigured myself as a "shorfatscale 20mm gamer"

Yours, with tongue firmly in cheek, Chris

Tim Gow said...

Peter Douglas
I naver did master the art of the forehanded compliment.
Glad you like the other blogs - you'll be glad of them if you get snowed in!

Tim Gow said...

Thanks - some good stuff on your blog recently.

Tim Gow said...

Dancing Cake Tin
When I started my blog I never thought anyone would read it. Now it has teken over - you've been warned!

Tim Gow said...

Chris Kemp
So your 15s are finally growing up? Aw, bless.

Paul said...

Many pats on the back for the gong Tim. Well deserved.

Tim Gow said...

Thanks - I'd better extend the trophy cabinet.

Conrad Kinch said...

Much obliged GropenFuhrer Gow.