Tuesday, 31 January 2012

more T34s

Over the weekend I managed to finish some toys which have been hanging around for some time.  The recent donation (from Bob) of a couple of Pegasus KV hulls reminded me that I had a box of Soviet stuff built and largely painted which needed only a modest amount of work to finish off.
I'll begin with more of Bob's donations - the pair of T34s which he gave me about this time last year.  As these were ready-painted models - by Dragon and Deagostini - little work was needed on the models themselves.  After basing I simply drybrushed on some 'mud' and 'dust' to fit in with my other toys.
T34s model 40 (left) and 42.
Staying with T34s, I then dealt with the pair of m43s which again came from Bob.  He seems to be under the impression that I don't already have large numbers of Soviet tanks...  The m43s are both Britannia models and apart from a repair to some flaking paint these were simply treated to the drybrushing treatment.


Robert (Bob) Cordery said...

Tim Gow,

You can never have too many T34s!

All the best,


Tim Gow said...

Bob Cordery
...especially when they're 'One careful owner, low mileage, only eve used by Mrs Zhukov to go to the shops...' from Honest Bob's Pre-Owned Tank Mart.

peter said...

Excellent painted models Tim, and I love the weathering!


Tim Gow said...

Thanks - but only the weathering (and basing the first pair) is my own work.

Don M said...

Have you physically counted all the T34s in your motor pool?

Tim Gow said...

Don M
Just counted my T34s. Only 38. Is this enough? Given that in Megablitz each one represents a regiment or brigade of 30-60 tanks I suppose it's quite a lot really!

Al said...

Nice Tim, you can never have too many T34s

Tim Gow said...

So I need more then?