Friday, 4 November 2011

Yet more adventures of 6 Panzer in Russia, 1941 - part 1

Following on from an earlier post, last Wednesday saw a further instalment in the adventures of 6PD, particularly Kampfgruppe Raus, led in person by Raus himself.  Martin arranged the show, using his version of my NBC game, and he also provided all the toys and terrain.  Martin ran the Sovs while I donned Raus's cap and goggles assisted by John who, slumped in the command halftrack after a tough week, limited his input to dice rolling. 
This scenario saw 6PD awaiting the arrival of the rest of the Korps, about 100km short of Leningrad. While there were obviously no Russians around(!), Raus had to hold the town and bridges and keep open the road to the south.
German forces amounted to:
Schutzen Regiment - two btls each reduced to 2 Cp and 1 HW Co, plus AT, Engr and Inf Gun Cos.
2 Art Btls - 1 with 105s and 1 with 150s.
Flak Btl - 2 light and 1 heavy (88) btys
Panzer Btl - reduced to 3 Co and 1 SPW Co
Engineer Co from division.
The field of battle, showing the initial German setup.  North is to the right.

The (dug in) defenders of the town, showing (top left) and Infantry Btl with the 88 Bty attached, (top right) the other Inf Btl with the Regiment's AT Bty and (woods south of the town) Rgt HQ, IG Bty and Engr Co.

Flak, artillery and panzers.  Raus's halftrack is on this side of the left hand bridge.

Achtung -  Ruskies!  An unpleasant surprise lumbers out of the woods to the west...
...and east.  Bugger.
Oh look, there are more in the north.  Marvellous.
The various Russian steamrollers edge forward, but the '88s have seen off the tanks in the west.  Phew!
The brown hordes weren't too impressed by the tanks' departure.
Russian artillery was firing a programmed barrage at the defenders of the town.
The hordes close in!
The eastern town hex about to be close assaulted by a Battalion of Bolshevists.
Meanwhile on the quiet(?) road to the south the engineers have company!
An overview - seen from above the German gun line. 
The panzers have rolled over a load of reds and is about to give the treatment to a second btl - but can they help the hard pressed defenders of the town?

So at this point it could go either way - as the brown tide (ooh nasty) reaches into the town.  More coming soon.


Ray Rousell said...

A grand looking game!

David Crook said...

Hi Tim,

I am intrigued as to the rules for this - homegrown perchance?

Al said...

Great looking models and terrain Tim, I like the hex board layout

Paul said...

Griping if yet tiny stuff! Yes you need to be wary of brown tides.

Tim Gow said...

Ray Rousell
Nothing wrong with a bit of toy porn!

Tim Gow said...

David Crook
Yes - basically a light modification on my NATO Brigade Commander rules - as previously mentioned and posted here.

Tim Gow said...

Martin and I have both invested heavily in Hexon so we like to get plenty of use outbox it!

Tim Gow said...

Sit closer to the screen and they could almost be 20mm! Sorry about the 'brown tide' remark. I hope you're better!

Chris said...

I made copies of the basic rules, and the stats you published on modern Soviet forces. Are stats on other modern armies and WWII forces lurking about?