Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Battle of Mazaros River, 410 BC

I really must write up games much sooner after the event.  I ran this game on the 16th of November and can barely remember what happened!  As usual though, I'll do my best to caption the photos and let them tell the story.
This is one of the 'unofficial' Command & Colours scenarios (written by Jim Duncan) which has been posted on their website, and I chose it as I knew I had the required toys.  Basically a scrap between two city states on Sicily Selinus and Segesta, the former (Greeks) usually got the best of such encounters.  Unknown to them, however, the Elymians of Segesta have enlisted Carthaginian help - in the shape of a 6,000-strong army!  Steve and Harvey led the Segestians while John donned his hoplite outfit.
Historically a Cathaginian victory, this time the Greeks won the day.  John will tell you it was pure skill, but there were some damn lucky dice involved!
The initial setup as viewed from the Greek side of the table.
Hoplites in the Greek centre/right.  This was the first game I had run entirely with my 'new' 25mm toys - made up of figures received from JR's collection (see many previous posts) and some Ebay finds.  All are on 8cm frontage bases.
The Carthaginian centre/right.
Carthaginian centre/left.  The chaps with the red shields are the only 'heavy' troops on the table.
The Greek left wing.  The initial attack was carried out by these lads - especially the medium cavalry.
The Carthaginian centre/left stands by to repel boarders.
The Greek cavalry gets stuck in but soon runs off.
Despite casualties (the white crosses - infantry take 4 hits before the unit is removed, cavalry 3) the Carthaginian line holds.
The Greek deputy commander gently suggests that the cavalry might like to advance again.
In a very close-run scrap, and not least because of some fantastic dice, the cavalry prevails.
The mid-game situation, seen from the Greek left.
The very battered Greek cavalry intimidate the Segestan General.
The Carthaginian left at last begins to move forward.  Steve's General poses for the camera.
The situation of the Greek right - infantry advance on the enemy skirmish screen.
Seen from the Greek right, a good old infantry clash seems imminent.
The Carthaginians lumber forward, while the General has another photo call.
The Greek line is formed - and very intimidating it looks too!  The hoplites are all Hinchliffe and Garrison figures, late of JR's attic.
The final Carthaginian assault - but it comes too late to save the day.


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Nice battle report Tim

I love the basing

Command and Colours may be a rule set for me to investigate next year :)

Tim Gow said...

Thanks - I'm very pleased with the bases myself! C&C is definitely worth a look - not cheap but it does give a quick and relatively undemanding game.

Don M said...

very nice, might have to look into
C&C myself.

Tim Gow said...

Don M
It does give a good game which even inexperienced players can rattle through in less then two hours.