Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Tank Museum - part 2 - pre WW2

I have tried to put my photos in some sort of order.  There are none of the Great War display as I spent quite a bit of time in that section during my last visit.
Vickers Independent.  An experimental tank with loads of turrets.  What sort of lunatics would put that into production? 
Oh, sorry Ivan.
'Tank, Amphibious No3'.  This clearly inspired some Japanese designs.
'Dutchman' light tank.  Built for export to the Dutch East Indies.
Little Willie.  The original tank.
Renault FT-17.  I'm always surprised by just how tiny these are.
Carden Lloyd Carrier MkVI.  Just delightful!
The turret floor of the 80-ton 1941 TOG II heavy tank.  Not much health and safety in evidence here!
The driving compartment of the TOG II.  The steering wheel is decidedly postwar - from a late 1970s Chrysler I think.  It looks the same as the one in the '78 Chrysler Alpine GLS my Dad used to run! Alpine


Don M said...

Plans to produce our version of the Vickers Independent are underway as we speak...;-)

Tim Gow said...

Don M
I'm sure it'll be a great success!

Paul said...

Hmmmm sure that wheel is not from a Victor 2000?

Tim Gow said...

I know you're just trying to wind me up! Look at the link in the photo caption and scroll down to the interior pic.