Friday, 10 June 2011

Northern Greece, 1989 - report part 2

We rejoin the action on turn 5, and as usual I'll let the photos and captions tell the story.
An heroic Motor Rifle Battalion finally charges through the border minefield and after passing a second morale check messily close assaults the defenders.  Off camera a rather less heroic MRB has suffered losses in the minefield and failed a test.
Turn 6.  Another Su-7 strike is rather better and sees the Greek border battalion rout.  Meanwhile a second Greek battalion has arrived at the other (southern) end of the table with 3 infantry and 1 tank (M-48A5) companies. 
The heroic MRB from earlier (hereafter referred to as the Guards Btl!) shoots at the fleeing Greeks and then moves south in pursuit.
Turn 7.  The Greek Air Force finally shows up and a flight of F-5 attack the Guards Btl - with absolutely no effect!  By this time engineers have gapped the minefields.
In the south the newly arrived Greeks have a gho at the Paras (remember them?).  The Greeks suffer 3 hits, the (dug in) Paras none!
Turn 8. The scrap with the Paras continues with each side suffering 3 hits - astonishingly both pass morale tests.  The Guards Btl rides to the rescue.
More Sovs trundle southwards on the road...but what's happening on the hill?
It is none other than out old chum the Greek Brigadier being surprised by - and surrendering to - a T-62 btl. 
Overview - the border has quietened down.
Final positions. 
This game was definitely a victory for the Red Hordes, as they captured both villages (albeit one was being disputed) and destroyed virtually all the Greek forces.  Since then I have run the same scenario with real players and a report on this will follow soon.


Peter Douglas said...


Very effective flames-did you use grey foam painted orange at the base?


Al said...

Cool, very original game ideas Tim

Don M said...

Looks about right! Great game, shame about the ineffective Greek air raid, had that gone better it could have at least been a stalemate.

Paul said...

Nice report and pics. Lovely F5 and fitter as well.

Good one.

Tim Gow said...

Peter Douglas
Grey foam with added orange and black paint - very simple but quite impressive.

Tim Gow said...

Is that 'original' as in 'crazy'?

Tim Gow said...

Dom M
Just goes to prove that having the most nicely painted aeroplane doesn't guarantee an effective air strike!

Tim Gow said...

Thanks. The Fitter came from a show bring & buy, the F-5 was painted by Wg Cdr Luddite some years ago. I bought the Mi-8s (used) in around 1984!