Tuesday, 7 December 2010

7 Armoured Division (1944) continued

My weather-induced house arrest last week did give me a bit of time for painting toys.  I have finished off both the artillery regiments and the motor battalion of 7 Armoured Division (1944/5).  Above is 5 RHA, with Sexton (SP 25pdr) and Quad.  Models by S&S and Raventhorpe. 

Below is the other artillery regt (3 RHA).  25pdr with Quad and limber by Esci, with Platoon 20 crew.  These models are rather nicer (and noticeably bigger) than the much older Airfix 25pdr.  I think that the Esci Quad is an absolute stunner - it really looks butch enough to pull the whole rig around.
Finally (for the moment) the motor battalion.  1st Btl, The Rifle Brigade provided the infantry element of 22 Armoured Brigade.  I'm not sure about the maker of the figures - I bought them as part of a batch of models a few years ago.  I gave them an ink wash and drybrush to blend them in with my existing toys.  The halftrack is the good old Airfix kit.


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Nice kit :)

I do like your way of painting the late war British kit

You expect to fight with it

Don M said...

You paint well! I'm enjoying your work here, keep um coming !

Tim Gow said...

Geordie & Don
Thanks again for the comments - very encouraging! as I've said previously, my painting 'style' is to go for a quickly acheived battle-worn look.

Paul said...

Really good work Tim, all pieces look great. The CMP Quad does look grunty!

Tim Gow said...

Thanks Paul. I think the Quad may be my favourite Esci kit, but I always felt it was a bit of a swindle having to buy two kits to get the gun and Quad, while Airfix would sell you the whole lot in a single (cheaper) kit.

Paul said...

Yep it was a bit of a odd situation, this however has been sorted in the Italeri re-release.

I do not that Tamiya did the same thing back in the day as well with their 1/35 kit.

mattyguk83 said...

I noticed and like your 5 RHA piece. Do you know what the Regiment consisted of? How many sextons a battery would have and what the FOO's would use (i.e. cromwell's)

I have seen the pictures of Villers Bocage with some of the K Bty tanks destroyed by Whitmann. Inspired by these event i want to make my own 5 RHA 1944 regiment.

Tim Gow said...

At Megablitz scales a regiment is one sexton! I think they were in batteries of 8, three btys to a regt. OPs were probably increasingly tanks after D-Day - carriers and halftracks before that.