Tuesday, 6 July 2010

COW 2010 - Part 3 - Sunday

The first session I attended was Bob Cordery's talk on pioneering US wargamer Joseph Morschauser.  Bob gave us some background on Morschauser's life and outlined the rules he used.  The interesting presentation was followed by an opportunity for a number of people to play games using his rules, as Bob had set up four tables with identical terrain and figure sets. 

Below:  Bob explains a point in the rules to an attentive Richard Brooks (left) and a bewildered Tony Hawkins.  Don't worry Tone, it's the way Bob tells them!

Following this session I sat outside for a while and wrote up some notes - including some for a game after an idea came to me during Bob's presentation. 

The weather was like this pretty well all weekend:

I then took the opportunity to look round a few other sessions, including 'Return to the River Don' presented by Graham Evans.  Despite seeming (from the title) to be a game about the waterways of South Yorkshire, this was in fact the latest incarnation of Graham's Russian Civil War grand tactical rules.  A spectacular (as always from Graham) looking game, it seemed to be very popular.

I also looked in on Martin Rapier's 'Drumfire' WW1 game.  This had been extensively reported on this blog before, but it appeared that Martin had at least found some competent players...

Unlike my previous photos of Drumfire games, this was taken from the German perspective.

After lunch I attended Richard Brooks's presentation on Moltke the elder.  Moltke was the chap who from small beginnings (in the Danish Army) oversaw the rise of the professional military in Prussia throughout the third quarter of the 19th century.  Look out for Richard's book on the subject which is due to be published next year.

The conference closed with the AGM of Wargame Developments.  No additional matters arose, but both Bob and I pointed out the need to book early for COW 2011 which will be on 8-10 July 2011.  Bookings can be made via the WD website http://www.wargamedevelopments.org/cow.htm while session details should be sent to me.

My thanks once again to all who attended COW and in particular all those who ran sessions and of course the long-suffering staff of Knuston Hall.

Only 52 weeks 'till the next one!

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