Thursday, 1 July 2010

Conference of Wargamers 2010 - ready at last!

Having spent last night packing and re-packing kit for CoW, I am now pretty well ready to go.  Despite taking only 'light' sessions (i.e. - no pile of boxfiles full of toys to accomodate) there is a surprising amount of stuff to fit in the car.

While wallowing in my pre-dinner bath earlier this evening I suddenly remembered that the kit for 'The End' was still in the garage.  Bugger.  Surprisingly, after a bit of careful repacking I managed to fit it in the boot.  Oh, I do like big cars!

A planning session on Tuesday night gathered Martin Rapier, Jerry Elsmore, John Armatys and I at Martin's house to discuss the 'emergency' plenary game 'Completely Over The Top'.  Having allocated roles to some players we established that all the required equipment was in place: 4 whistles, 2 dozen cardboard rifles, 3 'Broomhandle' Mauser pistols, 2 'Maxim guns' (airsoft AK-47s with cardboard tubes over the barrels), a tin of smoke grenades and various silly hats. 

The provisional cast list is as follows:

Completely Over The Top - The Plenary Game
Kick Off Friday 8 pip emma prompt.

Chief Umpire: Rapier, M.
Technical Umpire: Gow, T
Liaison Umpire: Armatys, J
RSM: W.O.1 Elsmore

The Germans
Cordery, R.
Barker, P
Brock, D
Perry, C
Whyler, W
Young, M

The British
Major General D.W. Thomas
Lt. Colonel J. Bassett
Lt. Colonel S. Bowns
Lt. Colonel R. Brooks
Lt. Colonel I. Drury
Lt. Colonel G. Evans
Lt. Colonel M. Hartley
Lt. Colonel N. Huband
Lt. Colonel A. Kleanthous
Lt. Colonel I. Mitchell
Lt. Colonel T. Mouat
Lt. Colonel J. Salt
Lt. Colonel J. Wallman

Everyone else: an assortment of Tommies.

I plan to arrive at Knuston Hall in the middle of the afternoon in order to ensure that everything is as it should be (it will, but it's the Conference Organiser's job to be paranoid!).


Paul said...

Good luck with all this Tim, it is easy to see you have put a lot of thought and work into this weekend.

All the best.

Tim Gow said...

Thanks Paul. All is going well so far.