Sunday, 10 January 2010

My Kingdom for a halftrack

Following Bob Cordery's recent blog comments about the Ian McKellen version of Richard III (set in the 1930s), I was remembered that I have seen and taken photos of some of the AFVs used in the filming. The vehicles formed part of the Budge Collection whose Retford base hosted a MAFVA event in the mid-1990s. Sadly, few of my photos seem to have survived but they include a vehicle which was definitely in the film.

Below: Not a German Sdkfz-251 but an ex-Czech Army OT-810 APC. This still bears the markings it wore in the film.
The interior of the OT, looking in through the rear doors. Having subsequently sat in a BMP it looks positively spacious!
An ex-Polish (?) T-55. Very dusty.
A rebuilt T-34/85. Despite the Russian script this too may be ex-Polish as I recall Budge bought 10 of them (maybe there was a deal if you bought them by the company) which arrived complete with all the external MGs swathed in grease but fully functional in the 10th tank.
Finally, the only other photo I could locate was of this AMX-13 light tank.

The only purchase I recall making at this event was an unissued East German steel helmet - the first, as it turned out, of many military silly hats.

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