Monday, 4 January 2010

Happy New Year - more snow and new Airfix!

So far 2010 hasn't produced any gaming activity and today I'm back at work! More snow fell here over the weekend but happily I've not had to travel anywhere.

I justify the inclusion of this photo as it was taken from the window of my wargames room!

Over the weekend I did some work on a silly game involving motorised 20mm scale tanks. Not for the first time the acquisition of some silly new toys is driving (literally) the development of a game. I'll post some pics when we've had a proper playtest.

I think the big news so far this year is the list of new (and re-)releases from Airfix:

These include 2 versions of the Bedford QL (QLD & QLT) which appear to be developments of the QL in the Refuelling Set - finally Airfix makes the conversion the rest of us have been knocking out for 30+ years! Very welcome though. Nice to see that the prices of some kits includes a donation to 'Help for Heroes'.

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