Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Operation Bright Star 1983

This NATO Brigade Commander scenario was put together as a flimsy excuse to use some recently finished US troops. It was based on an article in an old issue of Strategy & Tactics which outlined US plans to deploy troops to the middle east in the event of war. How unlikely it all seemed back then... The scene was set as follows:

Following the Camp David peace accords, which finally ended the conflict between Egypt and Israel, the US has been courting Egypt as a regional ally. This has taken on a new importance with the Islamic revolution in Iran, formerly a crucial US ally.
Joint exercises have been held by US and Egyptian forces. These are usually based on a scenario involving hostile action by Libya.

In advance of this year’s exercises, the usual US airborne troops have been replaced with elements of the latest High Technology Light Division (HTLD), lavishly equipped with light vehicles and AT missiles.

Before the exercise can begin, however, news arrives that Libyan armoured units have crossed the border… A real shooting war has begun and the HTLD must delay the Libyans until Egyptian heavy units arrive.

The Libyan advance stalls but the US battalion in the  own looks a bit wobbly.

The battle intensifies as another Libyan tank battalion is thrown in.

US artillery deploys to support the defence.

Libyan Gazelle anti-tank helicopters put in a late appearance.

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